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Comunidades Saludables Ahora
Miriam Vega, Ph. D.
Director of Research & Evaluation
(646) 375.4413

What is Comunidades Saludables Ahora (CSA)?

Healthy Communities Now/Comunidades Saludables Ahora (CSA) is a capacity-building assistance program whose focus is to strengthen community action for health and develop personal skills. We assist faith based and community based organizations, health departments, and non-traditional partners such as universities, coalitions, Community Planning Groups, in their efforts to increase Latinos' access to HIV prevention, AIDS services and other health promotion activities through four community mobilization models:

National Latino AIDS Awareness Day (NLAAD);
Latino Religious Leadership;
Emerging Hispanic Populations; and
Hispanic Healthcare Worker Mobilization.

We help communities implement one of these models through technical assistance on the model, evaluation methods, and key skills involved in the models, such as social marketing, AIDS stigma, and cultural competence.

Our services include:

1 Community Assessment
2 Process and Outcome Monitoring of Community Mobilization Models
3 Coalition Building
4 Social Marketing
5 Developing and Implementation of Community-Developed Mobilization Models

How does CSA provide capacity building?

CSA provide capacity building assistance on services listed through:

A. Skills Building. Trainings to increase the agency's capacity to implement community mobilization models. Provided in English or Spanish, for 1-3 days, and at varying difficulty levels.

B. Technical Consultations & Coachings. Usually given in conjunction with or as a follow up to the skills building activities to increase the agency's capacity to implement community mobilization models. Provided in English or Spanish, for 1-3 hours or a full day, and at varying difficulty levels.

C. Technology Transfers. A variety of technology transfers are available, including, but not limited to, revision/review of tools and materials (i.e. brochures, surveys, proposals), GIS maps, and data entry templates.

D. Technical Services. Technical services include, but are not limited to, data analysis, evaluation report write ups, review of adaptation materials, and community assessments.

To find out how to request
community building assistance,
contact us at

CBA Connect Newsletter CBA Connect Newsletter - May 2013
Volume 9, Issue 1.
This Issue contains the following articles:
- Engaging the community in Times of Change
- The Mid-West Training Institute
- Communities of Faith
- The Hispanic Healthcare Worker Model
- National Hispanic Hepatitis Awareness Day

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