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Mujeres en Fe
Leandro Rodriguez
Director of Programs
(212) 675-3288 ext. 303

About Mujeres en Fe

Mujeres En Fe targets immigrant and non-immigrant Spanish language dominant women in religious social networks to include health issues in general and particularly HIV/AIDS. The program also provides a peer leadership program specifically for Latinas.

The qualitative characteristics of the targeted Latinas illustrate the variables that contribute to risk among Latinas in faith communities are several key variables:

 Not Me - As members of faith communities (often married) many of the targeted Latinas exempt themselves from consideration of risk;
 Sexual Silence/Family Loyalty - the strong loyalty to family - and its expression in sexual silence - can have a detrimental impact on the well-being of sexual behavior and ultimately the risk of HIV;
 Poverty and Racism - poverty and racism promote a sense of an external locus of control where life, sexuality and health are at the mercy of powerful "others" and ultimately beyond personal control;
 Immigration Status - the immigration status should not hinder women from receiving education on HIV/AIDS;
 Domestic Violence Realities - Domestic violence should not hinder women from taking initiative in receiving education and taking control over their health. Our objective is to empower women so that they can improve their self-esteem, developing their emotional, spiritual and physical health.

Our Yearly Conferences
Un Mundo sin SIDA Depende de Mi
New York City, April 18, 2009
This conference focused in the mental and physical health of women and provided techniques to improve women self-esteem.
Un Mundo sin SIDA Depende de Mi
New York City, March 29, 2008
A conference to develop leadership in Latinas to promote HIV prevention and HIV education. Issues that affect Latino women to a personal and collective level were discussed.
Mujer Cuidate
New York City, March 24, 2007
Along with HIV/STD education, participants were offered workshops in: self-perception, stigma, domestic violence, immigration, and many others.
Teologia y Sexualidad
New York City, March 22, 2006
A conference to discuss about the diversity in our communities of faith and to answer the need of spiritual guidance.
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