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Main Topics
 Renal Health and HIV
 HIV and Hepatitis C co-infection
 Initial Exams of HIV infected patients
 New diseases affecting HIV treatment
 Adverse Effects and the Managements of HIV Medicine Side effects
 New Points of Attack in HIV
 HIV education to the Diverse Immigrant /Migrant Population
 HIV Treatment and Neurological Problems
 Other topics covering HIV health treatments.
Cumbre Nacional de Educadores de Tratamiento de HIV

Summit Description

In the changing world of HIV, education continues to be the greatest tool that the Spanish speaking community has for a change, improvement of health care services, prevention, access to HIV treatments and community participation. For this reason the Summit of HIV Treatment Educators in Spanish is committed to bring a dynamic program full of information and capacity building workshop that deal with the latest advances in treatment education as well as techniques to work with the communities.

Target Audience

Persons with experience in treatment and adherence education such: doctors, nurses, health educators, program directors, social workers, case managers, and many others.

Previous Summits
March 17-19, 2003 
I Summit of HIV Treatment Educators in Spanish Hollywood, California
June 16-19, 2005 
II Summit of HIV Treatment Educators in Spanish West West Hollywood, California
December 13-16, 2006 
III Summit of HIV Treatment Educators in Spanish Miami, Florida
June 18-20, 2008 
IV Summit of HIV Treatment Educators in Spanish Houston, Texas
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