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Institute Curriculum
 Introduction to community mobilization
 Understanging leadership in your region
 Understanging personality types and leadership styles
 Working towards goals
 Effective communication
 Understanding the policy area in the Deep South
 Creating empowering climates
 Developing strategies for community organizing
 Developing goals and action steps for effecting policy change in the Deep South

Latinos in the Deep South
The Dennis deLeon Sustainable Leadership Institute

About the Institute

Dennis Institute BrochureThe Dennis deLeon Sustainable Leadership Institute is a space for emerging community leaders to enhance and develop leadership skills in order to impact HIV/AIDS local, state and federal health policy affecting Latinos in the Deep South. In its second year, this institute aims to become an ongoing initiative in the Deep South, happening yearly with a different set of emerging leaders each year.

Calendar and Length of the Institute

The 2012 Dennis deLeon Sustainable Leadership Institute will take place from MARCH to SEPTEMBER 2012 and will focus on emerging Latino leaders in the states of Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi and Tennessee. Participants receive ongoing and personalized coaching and tutoring on leadership and policy analysis by the Latino Commission on AIDS staff throughout the seven (7) month period institute.

Institute Materials to Download

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arrow Institute Brochure
arrow Application Form
arrow Webinar and Coaching Calendar


Any questions about the institute, please contact Yanira Arias, Latinos in the Deep South, Director of Community Organizing at or (212) 675-3288 x 344

Policy Report 
The Current State of Local Policy Issues in Lousiana, Missisippi, North Carolina and South Carolina
Article that covers the economics of the South and its AIDS incidence, immigration, and human rights.
Assesment Report 
Perceptions of Leadership and Policy Issues in the Latino Community of the Deep South
Interpretation of data collected in the 1st Dennis de Leon Sustainable Leadership Institute.
Newsletter on the DdLSLI Summit 
CBA Connect
Coverage of the DdLSLI where 12 emerging leaders who serve the community in the Deep South got their completition credentials..
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