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Hispanics/Latinx and Hepatitis: An Overlooked Health Disparity

The HIV Crisis Among Hispanic/Latino MSM

Are We PrEPared?
Community Mobilization Program
Lucciano Reberte
Director of Community Engagement
(212) 675-3288

Mobilizing Communities to eliminate health disparities in communities at risk for HIV and hepatitis C

The Latino Commission on AIDS through the Community Mobilization Program (formerly known as the Community Development Initiative/CDI) provides Community Level Intervention activities in an effort to reach the Latino community with HIV, Hepatitis C, and STI prevention, education and awareness information. The Commission conducts various community wide events, mobilizing communities, creating social messaging and marketing campaigns and leading and engaging communities in health policy. This program engages communities through our many networks such as the Latino Religious Leadership Conference, Reunion Latina, NYC and NYC health briefings and legislative educational activities, our annual National Latino AIDS Awareness Day (NLAAD) and National Hispanic Hepatitis Awareness Day, (NHHAD), and our National Social Messaging campaign targeting people at high risk for HIV eligible for PrEP named "PrEParate" ("PrEPare Yourself"). Our activities include presentations and lectures, electronic media, public service announcements and newspaper articles to promote the Commission's Setting the Agenda activities.

Health Policy

Since its conception, the Latino Commission on AIDS has been an active and trusted national voice for the Latino community. The Commission's Health Policy & Advocacy Program works to promote the needs, interests, and concerns of the Latino community and our constituency though city, state and federal legislation and policies. In addition to government-level advocacy, the Commission develops grassroots efforts with community leaders and institutions, to better reach the underserved with expanded HIV/AIDS prevention, treatment, care and supportive services. The Commission takes the initiative to safeguard communities at risk by improving the cultural competency of other organizations working with Latino communities and other communities at risk for HIV, hepatitis C and STIs throughout the United States, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. The Commission also seeks to increase the health literacy and empower our communities to become engaged in their health care.

NYC Latino Health Action Day
The Communiy Mobilization Program hosts every year, since 2014, the NYC Latino Health Action Day; an event that gathers NYC Latino-serving organizations and elected officials to disucss health issues affecting the Latino community.

NYS Latino Health Action Day
The Commission coordinates legislative educational visits at city, state and federal level to promtote the health interest and concern of our constituency.
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