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Latinos in the Deep South
Erik Valera
Program Director

Program Overview

Latinos in the Deep South is a program coordinated by the Latino Commission on AIDS that aims to build local leadership, develop networks and coalitions, enhance knowledge and cultural competency, and spur actions to address the needs of the emerging Latino/Hispanic populations in the Deep South. The program accomplishes these goals through capacity building, community organizing, leadership development and networking initiatives, with a focus on community-based participatory research and information dissemination.

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Modus Operating
Program Objectives:

The programmatic objectives of the Latinos in the Deep South are to:

1. Continue the process of network-building and fostering collaboration among organizations and institutions providing HIV and related services to Latinos, especially Latino migrants and immigrants;

2. Link Community Based Organizations (CBO) and other Latino-serving organizations with regional and national resource networks and civil society networks; and

3. Provide technical assistance and capacity building to CBOs, faith communities, and local/state health departments.

4. Continue the process of data collection and assessment for the needs of the emerging Latino population in the Deep South.

The emerging Latino communities in the Deep South are a result of unique intersection of migration patterns and economic opportunity within the last several decades. Increasingly, Latinos are becoming an important component of the social and economic fabric of the Deep South. However, with all these strides, Latinos continue to be underrepresented in important services, such as public health, and in particular within the realms of HIV prevention and capacity building provision. This trend becomes more disturbing as the rates of HIV infection for Latinos continue to rise.

the Latinos in the Deep South Program focuses in 7 southern states.

This program is generously supported by the Ford Foundation

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