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Poder Latino Mission
 To create a safe place where Latinos infected with the HIV virus can talk about the issues that affect their lives and communities.
 To develop leadership via education and training for Latinos living with HIV and to advocate on their own behalf and for others.
 To take collective action to educate, city and organizational officials on policies which affect the Latino People with HIV/AIDS Community.
Poder Latino
Aracelis Quiñones
Program Coordinator
212-675-3288 Ext. 319

Empowering People Living with HIV/AIDS

Poder Latino (Latino Power) was founded in 1998 by Commission board member Antonio Hernandez in an effort to unite and raise the voice of Latinos living with HIV/AIDS. Since its inception, Poder Latino has provided its members with bilingual education and training on AIDS policy and advocacy as well as a personal and community based effort toward improving self-esteem. Poder Latino is an important community forum for identifying and opposing HIV/AIDS related stigma and discrimination within Latino communities. By providing peer support and giving voice to the stories of community members living with AIDS who are positive role models and making contributions to their communities, Poder Latino continues to initiate dialogue and help reduce fear.

Poder Latino is designed to permit participants to determine the topic of the group based on their emerging needs. In previous years of the program, highly requested topics included sexual relationships, depression, self-esteem, family, coming out and sexuality. The group also serves as a forum for participants to share their personal experiences, promote group identity, sense of belonging, and help to promote connectedness. The group helps participants increase their sense of belonging, shared Latino identity and sense of empowerment by inspiring them to be active and contributing members of their communities.

A Growing Community

It has since grown to over 200 members (100 active) with now twice monthly meetings and an email listserve to inform members of policy developments in HIV/AIDS and related issues.

Join Poder Latino

If you are Latino living with HIV/AIDS, we want to extend an invitation to you to be part of Poder Latino, so we as Latinos/as living with this virus can have the power to make changes at the state, city and organizational level. We meet every month to strategize and hear from invited guests. Your input is important. Please join us.

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