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Vida Positiva
Vida Positiva
Vida Positiva Gerardo Pineda
Program Coordinator
(212) 675-3288 x 331

What can VIDA POSITIVA do for you?
If you are a person living with HIV and want to improve your quality of life, you are invited to VIDA POSITIVA. This is a health education workshop led by people living with HIV themselves. In this safe space will be able to:

blue arrow     Live better and healthier with HIV
blue arrow     Meet other people like us
blue arrow    Get a group of support
blue arrow     Express yourself freely

The Workshop
The workshop is 100% FREE and 100% CONFIDENTIAL. It is divided in 7 grupal sessions and the principal goal is to empower yourself and give you the tools and knowledge to improve your life quality as a person living with HIV.

Join Vida Positiva

The workshop we cover: access to healthcare, handling stress, reducing symptoms and side effects, how to partner with your doctor, take charge of your health and treatment, share your status safely, and enjoy a safer, better sex life.

At the workshop, you will receive:

blue arrow     Metrocard
blue arrow     Nutritious meal
blue arrow      Resources notebooks
blue arrow     Gift certificate upon completition

The Team
Vida Positiva is lead by a group of people just like you, who have gattered some tools ready to share. Make the important decision to give us a try. We provide the workshops in English and Spanish.

The workshops takes place at:
24 W 25th Street, 9th Floor
New York, NY 10010
(between Broadway and 6th Ave.)
Trains: 1, R,F,M,E,C to 23rd Street station

Vida Positiva

Vida Positiva

Vida Positiva


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