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Capacity Building Assistance 

The Commission offers capacity building assistance of local institutions - community organizations, health departments, healthcare providers, churches, and LGBT groups - to provide local disease prevention, healthcare and health education services in Latino communities.

Capacity Building Assistance is offered by the following programs:

Comunidades Saludables Ahora
Comunidades Saludables Ahora (CSA) is a capacity-building program designed to increase access to and utilization of HIV prevention services among Latinos nationally through the implementation and dissemination of community mobilization models.
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Latinos in the Deep South Program
The program provides capacity building and community mapping services to organizations that serve Latinos in the south.
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Hands United / Manos Unidas
Hands United/Manos Unidas (HUMU) is a capacity-building program designed to assist community-based organizations with developing organizational infrastructure, along with guiding the implementation, adaptation, quality assurance and evaluation activities of effective behavioral HIV prevention interventions.
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Puente Para la Salud
The goal of the program is to increase access to services, and improving the delivery of health and other related human services to LGBT individuals, their families and communities.
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TRIP: Transforming Research into Prevention
TRIP goal of this program is to enhance the capacity of local HIV prevention organizations to implement and sustain effective and feasible behavioral interventions by making intervention materials and training more widely available. To accomplish this goal, this program will aid in the conversion of the technical language of an already selected evidenced-based intervention (EBI) into easy to read language and to create user-friendly intervention packages containing implementation manuals, training curricula, and other technical assistance materials for use by HIV prevention providers.

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